Pandawa Beach Bali

Pandawa Beach is a beautiful white sandy beach situated in the valley of white stone cliff, Kutuh Village, south part of Bali Island. The beach is very beautiful with clear water apposite to Indian Ocean offering the exotic panorama, fresh sea breeze and peaceful atmosphere. Bali has much proud as a tourist destination and a new comer of Pandawa Beach is one of the beautiful places to visit on your holiday to this island of paradise. It pamper every visitor to come and visit the beach with the exotic view, the clean beach for swimming, canoeing, surfing and relaxation under rental umbrella or food stalls spread out along the beach
Local Creativity
Formerly, Pendawa Beach is a hidden and secret beach that was very difficult to access due to located in the deep valley and surrounded by the white stone cliff. We must go through a small step down on the cliff with dangerous valley underneath and the only local people can access the beach since they were own daily job as fishermen and seaweed farmer. But today, the old story was changed. Since local people have the great inspiration to build their village, they work together to break the cliff and make the good road and can be accessed by any vehicles. Since the access is created, many visitors from foreign country either domestic visit this beach every day.
A Complimentary of Amazing Panoramic View
When we pass through the new access to Pandawa Beach, we will be provided a complimentary amazing view of white sandy beach with Indian Ocean just in front of it. On the way down to the beach, we will discover several caves with beautiful ornament of white stone statue taking the inspiration of Panca Pandawa (5 big brothers from Mahabaratha epoch). The statues are beautiful craved with Balinese ornaments and to be one of spot for photo taking when visiting this sight.
Pandawa Beach Story
The Pandawa Beach’s name is taken from the name of 5 big brothers at Mahabaratha epoch consisted of Yudistira, Bima, Arjuna, Sahadewa and Nakula. This story had inspired the Balinese Hindu social life those are reflecting their cultures. There are many places, buildings, people’s name, street’s name and plenty firm of items in particular statues, puppets and much more taking from this story and Pandawa Beach is one of them.

When you travel to Bali, Pandawa Beach is a perfect place to visit for relaxation while enjoy this beautiful white sandy beach.

Human Roots’ – Organic Sculptures by Mickael Obrenovitch a Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Through December 4, 2015

“Human Roots” – Mickael Obrenovitch’s exploration into man’s relationship with nature via intricate organic sculptures is underway at the Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort through December 4, 2015.

After travelling across the ocean and taking part in a successful exhibition at Le French May in Macau, Mickael Obrenovitch’s fascinating ancient teak tree sculptures are returning to their “roots” in Indonesia at the Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort.

Sponsored by the Indonesian French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IFCCI), the mesmerizing “Human Roots” exhibition will run until the 4th of December and feature 15 organic sculptures fashioned from 200-year-old teak tree roots from the island of Java.

These centuries-old roots are the last vestiges of a rainforest colony abandoned in the ground for scores of years and weathered by the elements and time.

Symbols of nature’s fragility and wisdom, they seem to be gestating and waiting for the sculptor to breathe a second life into them. This collection also aims to confront man with his roots and true nature and highlight the relationship between nature and civilization.

Mickael Obrenovitch is a French contemporary sculptor who is passionate about wood adopting aged roots as the medium of his art. The ensuing process is spiritual and coincides with his perpetual mission to understand the world and our place within the universe. He experiments with the raw materials using fluid lines to embellish and enhance the natural contours, and in doing so attempts to pass on his personal vision of the meaning of life.

Proceeds from the sale of works at “Human Roots” will be used to raise awareness of the preservation of Indonesian rainforests, which are the lungs of Southeast Asia.
“Human Roots”
An Exhibition of Organic Sculptures
By Mickael Obrenovitch

Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua
September 4 – December 4, 2015
Open Daily

Bali Update Today

Om Swastiastu …

With August foreign tourist arrivals now in hand, we can begin to assess the impact of airport closures caused by the Mr. Raung volcano. Read this week’s installment of “Bali by the Numbers.”

Last week a purse-snatcher in Seminyak was set upon and beaten to death by his intended victim, a female Chinese tourist, assisted by a group of bystanders. On the other side of the Island in Sanur, an Italian tourist unhappy with what he considered rude service at a local “warung”, decided to stab the proprietress.

Who said you can’t legislate love? The anger and indignation in some sectors over a gay wedding at a luxury resort in Ubud show little sign of abating. The hotel involved is publishing large public apologies while police are threatening to make a scapegoat of a hapless female sales executive working at the Resort.

Bali’s deputy-governor says rules are being drafted to compel foreign workers in Bali to speak Indonesian.

Indonesia’s Maritime Affairs Minister announces she is considering a moratorium on all private sector reclamation projects. Will this include the controversial Benoa bay project?

The Bali Post has conducted a public opinion survey showing widespread displeasure with how the Government is handling the rabies outbreak. A new early warning tsunami tower installed at Kedungu brings to 9 the number of towers now in operation in Bali. The BMKG is asking the public to conserve water as Bali’s drought continues to worsen. And, Police are warning that motor vehicles staying in Bali more than 3 months need to convert their license plates to Bali registration numbers.

Indonesia has committed to spending US$244 million on tourism promotion in the coming year.

Bali Safari & Marine Park combines local ‘Tumpek Kandang’ celebrations with World Animal Day.

Bali’s deputy-governor has angrily denies that Bali is selling dog meat to dealers in Jakarta.

Cruise News: Foreign-flagged cruise ships are now authorized to carry passengers on port-to-port cruises wholly within Indonesia. And, the Province of Bali wants to build a cruise port in North Bali.

Aviation News: Tigerair Australia is certified as “Australian-owned” and eligible to fly between Australia and Bali. Avoiding a possible shutdown for Indonesian AirAsia X, Indonesia AirAsia is preparing to close and merge with Indonesia AirAsia X.