Mount Agung Update

Om Swastiastu …

Mt. Agung continues to rumble but has yet to erupt. White smoke at a height of 1,500 meters was seen over Mount Agung on October 7, 2017.

More than 100,000 have evacuated their villages with government officials unhappy that perhaps as many as half the evacuees, acting out of fear and propelled by rumors, have fled homes located in areas considered safe from an eruption. The Governor is urging those coming from safe areas to leave the temporary camps and return to their homes or, at least, stay at a local hotel. Meanwhile, inside the “danger zone” Bali’s sacred Besakih Temple and the surrounding community have gone dark, abandoned, at least temporarily, until Mount Agung’s alert level is lowered.

The Ministry of Tourism has established a Hospitality Task Force to keep the public reliably informed on all developments related to Mt. Agung. In this connection, Bali’s Governor wants those spreading hoaxes and false news about Mount Agung charged with a crime and brought to justice.

In his efforts to keep the public reliably informed, Governor Pastika has met with foreign legations in Bali and asked them to keep their home constituencies informed that Bali is still safe for holidaymakers.

The Minister of Tourism visited Bali last week to review contingency planning and meet with Bali Hospitality Task Force’s Media Center. Minister Yahya estimates that cancellations of groups to Bali may be running between 20%-30%.

Hotel News: Bali Hotel operators confirm cancellations connected to Mount Agung’s status are taking place. Meanwhile, Bali Hotels join forces to remove 1,500 kilograms of trash from beaches around Bali. And, a Balinese Woman has been named as general manager of the Chedi Club Tanah Gajah in Ubud.

Not all news this week is connected to the Mount Agung volcano. The teen-Age Son of Bali Lawmaker Appealing 4-year Prison Sentence in Murder of Army Cadet. The death of a man in North Bali last week is blamed on rabies. And, Indonesian celebrity and the Bali Zoo take flak for a magazine shoot using a captive orangutan.


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