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I’m traveling to Singapore later today to speak at a conference organized by the Ministry of Tourism at the Bugis Village Hotel on February 16th. If you’re a reader in Singapore – particularly if I can provide information on travel to Bali – I’d love to hear from you!

Leading the news this week: An earthquake on Friday in West Sumba was felt in both Bali and Lombok. A South African tourist has died in a motorcycle accident in North Kuta. A Chinese tourist has drowned at Nusa Lembongan. The body of a dead infant has been found on Kuta Beach. And, a Swedish woman claims she was raped by a motorcycle jockey in the Seminyak area.

The trial of Bali-born former Minister Jero Wacik has ended in a guilty verdict and a very light sentence. Prosecutors say they will appeal and seek a stiffer punishment.

Aviation News: Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air are reported to have been in a “near miss” flight situation over West Bali last week. The government has mandated a 5% reduction in the top economy fare that can be charged by Indonesian domestic air carriers. In response, INACA issues a statement disagreeing with the move to reduce the ceiling price on air tickets. Last week, a Lion Air Boeing 747 was forced to “return to base” in Bali after being refused overflight rights in Hong Kong. Garuda reveals plans to increase revenues by 10% in 2016 and secure a 50% market share of all domestic air travel. And, Bali’s deputy governor announces a traffic underpass will be built at the entrance to the Island’s airport.

We have two articles on investing in Bali. Bali has had a record year for foreign and domestic investment in 2015. Last week, investment rules were redrafted allowing more and greater involvement by foreign investors in the Indonesian economy.

The Bali Consumer Protection Agency criticizes PT Telkom for poor infrastructure and abysmal customer service.

Efforts to remove illegal cigarette advertising from main roads in Bali run into opposition and trickery from well-connected tobacco companies.

Blaming high taxes and exchange rates, Harley Davidson closes all its Indonesian dealerships.

Read about a special birthday party for a girl from the jungles of Sumatra held on Valentines Day at the Bali Safari and Marine Park

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