Gambuh is Feared to Frail

Various attempts were made to develop and preserve the arts of Bali, but some ancient dances are feared to extinct because there is no next generation who inherit it. “Art of gambuh for example, in addition to the artists that has been very rare, the play is also less attractive for younger generation today,” said the lecturer of Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) Denpasar, I Nyoman Carita SST, MFA in Denpasar.
Master Degree of Field Study of Choreography University Of California Los Angeles (UCLA), the United States said his party is trying to revitalize gambuh dance along a prominent artist in his village, Singapadu, Gianyar.
Gambuh dance as an inspiration and a source of Balinese dance movement through the revitalization process along a prominent local artist I Ketut Muji (64), is expected to get around to collaborate with other art elements.
The effort is expected to create qualified dance movements, while still holding traditional values ??in Balinese arts.
Gambuh art, the source of all motion and dance, with the new packaging in the dance drama performances as a result of revitalization is expected to attract young people, as well as address concerns about the extinction of that ancient dance.
The revitalization results remain in the pack which is loaded with art and culture of Bali, but the performance is more attractive for audience, including tourists and international community

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